AFE – Atlas Florae Europaeae

Atlas Florae Europaeae is a running long-term programme for mapping the distribution of vascular plants in Europe. The project was launched already in 1965 as a collaborative effort of European botanists and since then the Secretariat was established at the Botanical Museum of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki.“
“The original aim of the AFE is to offer complementary maps with taxonomic notes of species and subspecies for the published Flora Europaea. The chorological data are gathered by regional collaborators in each European country (members of the Committee for Mapping the Flora of Europe) and are aggregated into volumes by the Secretariat of the Committee. In 1972–2010, the Committee and Societas Biologica Fennica Vanamo (pages in Finnish only) published fifteen volumes of the Atlas, altogether with 3089 pages and 4878 maps. Today, the maps cover the families which include nearly 25% of the vascular plants of Europe (LycopodiaceaeRosaceae, p.p.), that is 4473 species and subspecies. The latest vol. 16 (Rosaceae: Cydonia to Prunus, excl. Sorbus) was published in December 2013 and contains 168 pages with 169 two-coloured maps. The vols. 17 and 18 are currently in preparation.“