VPG – Vascular plants of Greece

Vascular Plants of Greece: An Annotated Checklist provides a complete, detailed and up-to-date baseline reference for the plant diversity of Greece, bringing together a vast body of information previously widely dispersed in various regional foras, floristic dissertations, monographs, composite works and individual research papers. It gives an overall analysis of the Greek vascular flora, useful not only to systematists but to all those involved in biodiversity conservation and environmental management in Greece.”
“The book includes the complete floristic catalogue of the vascular plants of Greece, with annotations on distribution, chorology, life-form and habitats, as well as various appendices with excluded taxa, comments and 24 colour plates with photographs of more than 200 species.” Source: http://www.iucn.org/news_homepage/news_by_date/?14186/Vascular-plants-of-Greece-an-annotated-checklist