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    • The Flora Ionica website provides substantial information on the plant life of the Ionian Islands and is mainly based on decades of fieldwork, supplemented with literature and herbarium records. Here, we present a comprehensive checklist, distribution maps and synonyms of all vascular plants indigenous or naturalized on the islands. In addition, photographs are provided for large parts of these plants and many critical groups and uncertain historical records are discussed. The content is continuously amended and updated.


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      • 2021-11-04: Thanks to Aristotelis F. Skiadaresis, who provided photos of the endemic Asperula naufraga.
      • 2019-02-20: Since herbarium specimens are crucial as documentation and reference for floristic mapping projects we incorporated links to digitized Ionian herbarium vouchers on our website. Currently, more than 3.000 datasets and photographs of herbarium vouchers are available online via Virtual Herbaria JACQ . See e.g. the site for Araujia sericifera, the genus Euphorbia or Campanulaceae family.
      • 2018-03-20: Today, we reached a milestone concerning uploaded plant photos: More than 5.000 pictures of 1.143 taxa are currently available online.
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    • Flora Ionica Working Group (2016 onwards): Flora Ionica – An inventory of ferns and flowering plants of the Ionian Islands (Greece). Published at https://floraionica.univie.ac.at; accessed [date]
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