Flora Ionica


Xanthium italicum


Island distribution (first record)


!! !! ... approved by herbarium voucherEreikoussa


!! !! ... approved by herbarium voucherCorfu (Gutermann 1991 as X. italicum)



!! !! ... approved by herbarium voucherLefkada







!! !! ... approved by herbarium voucherCephalonia

!! !! ... approved by herbarium voucherZakynthos (Gutermann 1993 as X. italicum)


Taxonomic references ("taxonyms")

linked to standard floras (PFB, FE, FE2, FH) and annotated checklists (AFE, VPG) giving direct reference to occurrences of plant taxa on the Ionian Islands:

PFB: Xanthium saccharatum subsp. italicum
FE: Xanthium strumarium subsp. italicum
FE2: volume not published
AFE: volume not published
FH: volume not published
VPG: Xanthium orientale subsp. italicum